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Why Join the Chamber

Why Should I join the Chamber of Commerce

The benefits of Chamber membership are numerous. Some benefits will be more important
to you than others. The main benefits though are universal. Chamber membership conveys
credibility and stability to your customers. Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce
will open the door to many contacts that can help your business grow through the power
of referrals and networking.

What does the Chamber of Commerce do?

The majority of Chamber work focuses on attracting visitors to Boulder City and
encouraging them to patronize the businesses, services, and attractions offered by our
Members. We continually inform residents about the importance of a strong local economy.

How does the Chamber do this?

We distribute over 500,000 Boulder City brochures each year via welcome centers, hotels
and motels, and visitors centers in California, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Las Vegas.

Our website averages 3000 hits per month. All of our members are listed here.

We advertise in Nevada Magazine. This tourist publication is sent to people who call the
Nevada Commission on Tourism looking for visitor information. We average 400-600
request for information from each issue of this magazine.

We refer approximately 1000 callers to our members every month.

We refer an average of 2500 walk-in visitors to our members each month.

We produce the annual Community Calendar of Events that is sent out with every request
for information, as well as maintain the web calendar of events on the internet.

We compose numerous articles each year for tourist and local publications that highlight
Boulder City. Some of these include Where? Las Vegas, Cerca, Where in Nevada,
The complete Nevada Traveler, and Old West Journal, to name a few.

We represent and promote our members on the local, state, national, and international
levels through our numerous affiliations with other organizations.

We are members of the Nevada Development Authority, Nevada Commission on Tourism,
Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority, Museums and Attractions in Nevada ,
Las Vegas Territory, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, the Henderson Chamber of
Commerce, and the Boulder City Commission on Tourism.

We produce and promote community activities and events each year, which are
designed to attract more visitors to our city. Some examples are Spring Jamboree
and the many Christmas activities.

We are partners with the city implementing the recommendations of the marketing
study that was completed in November 2001.

We keep Boulder City in the regional and national news by preparing frequent press
releases, media events, and interviews, and by purchasing paid advertising.

What else does the Chamber do?

We stay informed on the issues that effect your business and your quality of life.

We let our strong, united voice be heard at the local and national levels when
necessary for the benefit of our members.

We are ambassadors for our city in everything we do.

We coordinate our efforts with those of other groups to expose our membership
to as many people as possible.

We prepare a quarterly newsletter to keep you up to date on what is happening.

We issue broadcast emails weekly in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

What are some of the other benefits of Membership?

FREE Website in conjunction with the Chamber’s page.

Chamber Ribbon Cutting offers a free media opportunity for your business.

All new members recognized in a Chamber ad in the Boulder City News.

Anniversaries highlighted in the B.C. View

New members introduced and given the opportunity to address our
membership and share literature about your company, product's or service.

New members listed in quarterly newsletter

Opportunity to host a Chamber mixer (another media opportunity)

All members are listed on Chamber website and in other collateral pieces.

All members can display their brochures in the Chamber literature rack.

Only Chamber members are listed in our relocation publication sent to
perspective new residents.

Membership list is only given out to Chamber members, with labels
available for only $10.00.

Prospective new residents list made available to Chamber members
for only $15.00 a month.

Introduce your Business to every Boulder City resident by participating
in our Hostess packet program. It’s $15.00 a month and the packets are given to new
residents when they sign up for Utilities.

Regular monthly membership meetings featuring timely topics relative to business today.

Informative workshops and seminars.

Huge discounts on booth space in our annual Business and Job Expo and Spring Jamboree
“Chamber Showcase”.

Discounted advertising rates on the Boulder City map printed by the Chamber and
distributed through realtors, service stations, convenience stores, etc.

A $500.00 discount on loan closing cost with Countrywide Home Loans, Steve Mayfield
Consultant. Applicant must be a member of the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce.

We offer job listings on our Website that allows employers to post job openings and potential
employees to see what jobs are available.

The Chamber now accepts credit cards for the convenience of our members.

Association Rates with Aflac Supplemental Insurance Program and Summerlin Life and Health.

Who runs the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber is presently operated by a paid staff of two employees that report directly to
the eleven member Board of Directors. The CEO and Office Manager handle the day to day
operations of the Chamber office. Approximately 25 Volunteers work regular
shifts in the office helping with things like answering phones, mailings, and similar projects.

Who is on the Board?

The Board of Directors are eleven individuals representing member businesses. They are
elected by the membership and serve a three year term.

What do Board members do?

Board members set the policy for the Chamber of Commerce. They are ambassadors for the
Chamber and our City. They volunteer their time aside from their regular jobs to promote the
Chamber’s mission. They attend Chamber and committee meetings and help with Chamber and
other community events

What does the Staff do?

The staff is responsible for the day to day operations at the Chamber. This includes most
of the tasks necessary to execute our member benefits and programs of work.

Is the Chamber part of the City?

No. The Chamber of Commerce is a separate entity from the City. The Chamber and the
City do work close together to create an atmosphere where business can thrive. In matters
concerning or affecting local business, the City request input from the Chamber and takes
that information into consideration when making decisions. The City also makes an annual
grant to the Chamber to be used for marketing Boulder City.

What is the Chamber’s budget?

The budget of the Chamber varies from year to year based on a number of factors.
As a non-profit organization, our operating funds come from membership dues, grants,
and fund raisers such as Spring Jamboree. The majority of the Chamber’s annual operating
budget is allocated to marketing and the cost of marketing materials.